Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge

Talks & Workshops


The Medical Monopoly

A talk about the silent epidemic, "Death by Doctor", how we came to be saddled with a system of medicine that is extremely profitable to some but deadly to the rest of us, and how we can take back responsibility for our own health.

Cancer of the Mind

An in depth look at Cancer, the mainstream's view of it and what the cutting edge of medical science can offer to treat it. We will examine an alternative understanding of how Cancer works, the blatantly suppressed natural remedies that cures it, and why you are not allowed to know.

Simple Alternative Health

A discussion of the aims and ultimate goals of the medical establishment, the rise of the pharmaceutical industry and their primary objective. We will then look at the causes of most illness and focus on four natural remedies and lifestyle changes which should ensure health and wellbeing.

Urine Therapy

An exploration of the 5,000 year old practice of Urine Therapy, how and why it works, the many different ways it can be used and its incredible benefits as a natural cure-all.   Other related topics such as distilled water and fasting will be touched upon to provide the tools to take back responsibility for our own health.


A look at the perplexing and highly controversial topic of Breatharianism, the idea that man is not meant to eat and drink at all, and that this highly addictive habit is responsible for our drastically shortened lifespans and susceptibility to diseases.   We will be delving into why the theory of nutrition is an inaccurate interpretation of observed phemonmena and providing a new interpretation.


Who wants to live forever? From our current frame of reference that would be a terrifying prospect, a better question would be, Who wants to live into their 100's 200's 300's and yet be as fit and healthy as a 25 year old? This talk explains why chronological aging is a myth that we have all bought into and describes how to start reversing the signs of old age and provides practical advice on how to outlive your doctor and be fit and healthy into your 100's

Escaping the Oppression of Depression

Depression and Psychological problems are epidemic in the modern world.   This talk will cover why these so-called illnesses are not what they seem to be, uncovers the scam of psychiatry and offers a different worldview and a set of strategies to gain mastery of your mental and emotional state.

Self Knowledge & Human Potential

Telepathy and the Complete Human

An exploration into the power of telepathy and the suppressed potential of the human mind to shape our physiology. We will examine our true abilities to communicate with each other, re-engineer our bodies at will, prevent aging and infirmity and look at the nature of our connection to the universe.

My Spiritual Journey

A story of a surprisingly spiritual expedition of an ordinary cog in the great consumerist machine who unexpectedly wakes up from his atheist, corporate consumer dreamstate and begins a journey toward adulthood and a new, startling view of the universe... oh and he discovers God's name and address along the way.

His Story is not the True Story

A critical examination and deconstruction of the history that we have been taught and have subsequently accepted as truth. We will be exploring the many anomalies that contradict this history and point to a deliberate revisionist action designed to control and disempower the people.

Alternative History of Mankind

A controversial view of human history concerning 3 races of beings, pieced together through five years of research culminating in a amazing download where the whole story came as a complete narrative, in a 4 hour flurry of writing after waking up in a cold sweat at 1:00am. This talk will support this extraordinary view of history with several surprising facts that, while circumstancial, lead to some very intriguing conclusions.

The Biggest Lie of All

What if you've been told the biggest whopper of all time? A lie that has rendered you as nothing more than an insignificant microbe that evolved by accident on the surface of an inconsequential speck of dust in an infinite and meaningless universe.    What if the world you live in is an entirely different place than you can possibly imagine?
We will look at a world with you at it's centre and where you are in a race against time before the controllers lock us into a world that we already believe we are confined to.

Black Man Do You Know Who You Are?

A hard look at the conspiracy to suppress and erase black history to promote the idea that the story of black people begins with their enslavement from Africa.   We will be looking at how and why the rich black cultures that dominated the world and pre-dated the current one were excised from history, and how in recent times the substantial contributions to the world by black people have been whitewashed.

Who Are You, Really?

Who are you?   Why are you here?   What are you supposed to do next?
We will be tackling these age old questions by combining the wisdom of Ancient Egypt, with the observations of modern researchers to build a photofit picture of you and where you fit in the grand scheme of things.

The Game

Is your life dull, repetitive and uninspiring?   What if I told you that you are actually playing a fully immersive 3D reality game, but you've been stuck in jail waiting to throw a double six. This talk might be your lucky throw!


Building Eco Communities

A practical discussion of the design and construction of self sufficient eco-villages encompassing the logistical, environmental and social considerations. This talk covers topics such as Food growth, power generation, water and waste recycling

Practical Free Energy

A workshop exploring practical methods of generating free energy, including explanations and real time demonstrations of Bedini Energisers, Radiant Energy Antenna, Static Electricity Generators and Earth Batteries

Bedini Energiser Workshop

A Hands-On Workshop where participants will learn about the Radiant Energy, discovered by Nicola Tesla and how it is employed in the Bedini Free Radiant Energy device known variously as the SSG.
Participants will also build and test their own circuits (either the classic monopole motor or the motionless variation) to take away and experiment with.

Last Fork in the Road

A talk based on an unpublished book of the same name, which examines the current state of our world, explores the reasons and suggests a new direction for humanity that satisfies what it describes as "The Survival Criteria", that is, Save the planet, Protect mankind from extinction, Live sustainably and Give everybody happier, more meaningful lives.


Freeman on The Land

What is a Freeman on the Land? What is lawful rebellion? This talk is a basic look into the corporate/financial deception that enslaves us all and provides some strategies for dealing with tyrannical bureaucracies that seek to enslave us and milk us like cattle.

Know Your Rights

For those who realise that the Banks, Courts, Police and Government are all corporations operating for profit, and that their profits come from our ignorance of the fact that beneath the thin disguise of justice, honesty, decency and fair play, a game is being played which you have already lost.   This talk will help you learn the game and minimise the damage from engaging with bureaucracy.

Money and Debt

What is money? Where does it come from? If every country is in debt where did all the money go? This talk explores these questions, looks at how and why money is used to control you at an individual level and suggests ways to reduce one's dependance on money

Withholding money from Utility Companies

This talk will be explaining how we have been tricked into buying things that we already own and how the utility companies are generating massive profits from our ignorance. It will cover in detail, the process of attacking the profits of these greedy coporations by discharging your bills without using money in a safe, risk free way.

Council Tax

Why are we paying council tax? In this talk we will be examining if council tax has any lawful basis and whether you are obliged to pay it. We will look at many techniques to deal with Council Tax and how the various councils respond to challenges to their pretended authority.

Driving and Travelling

Are you a driver? Do you really own your vehicle? Is it actually a vehicle? In this talk we will look at the difference between driving and travelling and the grand deception behind an activity that most people take for granted. We will discuss what does and does not apply to you and why you need not have a driving licence, Registration, Tax, MOT or insurance

The New World Order

Why is the world the way it is? In this talk we re-examine world events in the context of plans hatched hundreds if not thousands of years ago by an elite bloodline that has always ruled this world and is on the cusp or realising it's "Great Work" of ushering in the Fourth Reich, a socialist global dictatorship.

Moving to a new Paradigm

Why is the world the way it is? In this talk we re-examine world events in the context of plans hatched hundreds if not thousands of years ago by an elite bloodline that has always ruled this world and is on the cusp or realising it's "Great Work" of ushering in the Fourth Reich, a socialist global dictatorship.

Reversing the Paradigm: Escaping The Matrix

The Matrix has you. You are a slave, trapped in a phychological prison where you are forced to work to reinforce the prison walls and kill off your fellow inmates.   Is there a way out?
In this talk we will be looking at the nature of the cage, how we were ensnared and the possible escape routes, individually and for humanity as a whole

WTF is going on?

Have you looked at the TV or read the newspaper and asked yourself that question?   In this talk we take a close look at the events of recent times and piece together the agenda behind them, and find out what we can do about it.