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The Earthdome

EarthDome is a low-cost, modular eco-house system designed for off-grid and self sufficient living.

For thousands of years, permanent housing has taken only one form, and whether it is constructed with wood, stone, brick or concrete, it hasn't changed in basic form or function for millenia, a recto-linear shelter which consumes resources and produces waste.

The Earthdome will use simple but revolutionary materials to construct an innovative and spacious living space, and will take the concept of "a house as a machine for living in" to whole new level, by integrating the dwelling's occupants into a closed loop eco-system, where the output of one system becomes the input of another, and in that fashion it becomes a producer of surplus resources and a consumer of waste.

Project Brief

EarthDome: A Self Sufficient, Human Habitat


EarthDome is The a partially earth covered and wood framed geodesic dome design, built as a modular system, using cheap yet innovative materials, allowing dwellings to be custom configured to suit local conditions and users requirements.

The Earthdome will power itself, grow its own food and recycle water and waste in an integrated system that will form a "Life Support Environment" for its inhabitants who will form a vital part of the system. It is also designed to connect to a network of other such dwellings.

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