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The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual is an invaluable guide to viewing the human body, life, the universe and everything from a radically different yet empowering perspective.

This book exposes the commonly held myths of medicine, nutrition and disease, revealing them to be merely theories taken as truth based on a biased interpretation of observations, driven by profit margins rather than patient wellbeing. The reader will learn to listen to the body's messages, respond correctly to its warnings with actions that are in harmony with it and allow it to heal without hinderance, and make healthful changes by re-programming the mind to prevent re-occurrance. Equipped with this book, the reader will learn the skills necessary to maintain the human body in excellent condition far beyond its "expected" lifetime.

Step by step, the author connects the dots that lead to the conclusion that there are no separate diseases, just different manifestations of "bad health" and proposes four powerful techniques that are so natural, simple and freely available that we scarcely fathom their true worth in allowing the body to restore itself to "good health"

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual also provides handy reference guides to deal with accidents, mishaps and so-called "symptoms of disease" as well as testimonials from real, contactable people (including the author) who have experienced the benefits of this approach.

As well as the physical apects of life, health and wellbeing, The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual also delves into the spiritual and philosopical, teaching the reader that we are immensely powerful, spiritual beings, one with all that is, operating an amazing, self repairing "Earth Rover", capable of creating and shaping the physical reality it inhabits, and concludes that life is not a serious endeavour, it's an adventure game, and if we learn its rules, learn to flow with it rather than fight it then we can get the best possible experience of this amazing game.

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual by Allegedly K. A. Dave (Paperback) is available from LULU.COM and is also available as an e-book.

The Human Body Workshop


I bought this book because I fell over the author on Youtube. He had been doing research on health, history and all sorts. So, I wanted to know more about the whole health thing, which is why I bought this book.

The information in this book challenged my beliefs - really! But, for my own sake, I fought the urge to cast it aside and read the entire book.

It opened my mind. It shifted paradigms. And I began to think, "What if all this is right, and what I learned from the media and my doctor and my school teachers back in the day was wrong?"

I think this book is important because it slaps the reader in the face and rouse one out of a deep sleep. You start to think and to wonder about the things we 'know' about the world we live in...

Charlene Allison - 28/02/2018

This book is amazing and life-changing. I have been sick for so long - trying to find my way back to health.  A couple of months ago I started really looking at alternative therapies after seeing dramatic changes in my aunt.  I had not seen her in four months and she looked 20 years younger.

I started watching some interviews with Allegedly Dave and was instantly captivated by his powerful story. He is so vibrant and healthy so as soon as I found out he had a book, I bought it and couldn’t put it down.  The most powerful tools we have to share with other are our life experiences.  I am empowered and completely unafraid moving forward with my life. This honestly has been a huge step in my journey that has changed my perspectives. I am renewed, invigorated and leaping into this future of brightness! This book is easy to read and flows very well.  Thank you, Dave, for having the courage to share your information with the world! I am eternally grateful to you. We need to spread this message!

Gretchen Marie - 29/12/2017

Great Read. Well written fun read. Allegedly Dave keeps these serious subjects light and cheeky and provides great detailed information. Well done Dave!

Gary Fon - 10/11/2017

K. A. Dave is the man that made me aware of the amazing restorative power of the human body. After watching some of his interviews and reading some of the books that came across regarding this subject, I was more than happy to check out his work in written form.

I must say that I was very pleased with it. Dave managed to compress the essential knowledge into an easy to digest book. The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual may have a pompous title, but the contents is probably more valuable than platinum.

Adrian Pop - 19/05/2016

The book covers pretty much everything - EXCELLENT BOOK - a must read!

Dave is a great promoter of the innate infinite human potential and he practices everything he preaches, from urine therapy to a self sustained & thriving existence! He is in his fifties and looks like a young man in his 30's.

The book shares so much wisdom and has a very high vibration, that will ignite your soul's fire to kick start the necessary changes in you and in your life to fully get back in touch with that unlimited power within... and unfold your infinite potential... rise high up to the highest levels of existence! ' Dave is a warrior of the truth... imagine the brains of Tesla, Gregg Braden and David Icke & Wilcock put together, but in a pure body (without the "agents" or "parasites" and toxins), which vibrates close to a pranic state and cycles its own perfect water. He not only uncovers all the lies and deceptions of this world, showing the truth with facts in this book, but he also gives practical SOLUTIONS and methods anyone can put in practice to actually experience this truth for themselves... waking up and lighting up their bodies, brains & hearts to be their healthy, happy and unlimited thriving version of themselves... real human beings. ' He is a great example of that himself! I am very happy to recommend this book and I think it's one of those books that really does change people's lives.

I give it not five, but TEN GOLDEN STARS!! **********

Amazon Customer - 25/04/2016

Fantastic book! I've been a wellness practitioner and alternative health researcher for over 13 years. This book is thorough yet easy-to-understand, and the author pulls a lot of information together that validates some of my own personal research, but conveys it clear for the layman yet comprehensive for the medical researcher. I'm not quite finished reading it but have already adopted key components of the programme and am experiencing what seems to be miraculous results! It's a bit early to say too much but I plan to circle back on this Review after I've had more time on this programme. But so far so GREAT!

Jenna - 08/01/2016

What an excellent read! I breezed through this book as the information contained was presented in such an easy-to-digest fashion. Already hip to urine therapy and distilled water, I was happy to find even more affirmation as to why I practice these therapies, along with additional information on fasting and proper human diet eating plans. I really loved the mashup of Louise Hay’s affirmations and urine therapy. I have used that “Heal your Body” book for years and believe this is a powerful combination, matching up the emotional and physical.

This is a book I will re-read over the years, I can already tell. All the information contained needs to get out to the masses. It is so simple, yet so profound. We do truly have the power to change our lives, and the remedies/therapies mentioned here can do so much to improve the health and well-being of everyone on this Earth.

Thanks for providing such insight and inspiration, Dave!

Vanessa Cook - 15/10/2015

Really compelling book that brings together a multitude of esoteric thought into one cohesive explanation. Fans of David Wilcock would like this book.

Jason Zanon - 03/06/2015

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Negative Reviews

You Have To Read It, To Believe It...Allegedly

I was hoping for more, normal.   The first 137 pages are easier to digest than the treatments recommended.   I do believe in the body has lost its power to heal it's self due to all the rubbish we put in it.   Having said that I still eat chocolate digestives, moderately and have got myself a distiller to avoid tap and bottled water.

P. Yates - 08/10/2017

Beware of what you buy.

This book is a a good source of strange information on how to drink your own urine. Honestly do people still do this? This reads like some strange gypsy cookbook for alternative medicine. To much for me. I couldn't get past my gag reflex to enjoy the book.

William Spearow - 19/06/2016


Urine therapy was introduced to me by Allegedly Dave through a talk he gave that was most fascinating and revealing.

I attended with some of my family, including my nine year old son. By the time Dave had finished sharing his exciting truths, I knew that I had to give it a go. I was particularly impressed to hear my son exclaiming:

"Get the book Mama, get the book!"

I have been drinking my own urine, diluted with water, twice a day and massaging it into my skin every morning for three and a half weeks now. My energy levels soared almost immediately and I have received many comments on how radiant I am looking and how I seem to be blossoming.

Much love to you and courage and capability to continue your work with great respect and gratitude.

Sarah-Louise Addison

I have had a sore throat for 6 months. It wasnt mildly sore, it was red and very painful. I went through 2 rounds of strong antibiotics. It didnt do anything for it. Then I had some antiacid pills. It didnt help. Then I remembered Urine Therapy.

After very short time, I can not recollect exactly but no more then two days, it went away and I am still doing UT every day.

This is just one of the benefits. I used to have lots of warts on my neck, I applied aged Urine on them and they subsided considerably. I am still doing that.
When my cat scratched my leg so hard it bled, I put Urine on it and it healed very quickly and very nicely.

I was depressed for years and I didnt want to take medication. I started Urine Therapy and it cured my depression, I put Urine in my nose, eyes, ears, my hair, my boobs, for whatever and whenever; I drink it, I bath in it, I love it.    I had my blood tested after 6 months of UT and DW and I had a perfect score. My blood and body are Ok.

Now that I am writing this stuff down, it all looks like bollox and lies, but it is not. It is the truth.Great job for doing the book. Congratulations. Love and light.

Vlatka Rekic

Dave introduced us to this concept back in 2012, I am a BSc, so logically and scientifically it made absolute sense.   However the thought of drinking my own wee just didn't seem appealing as we have been taught that it is 'dirty' or that it is 'waste', however the biology behind it was extremely convincing. I suffered with a terrible skin condition for 8 years since I became hypersensitive to UV light called Polymorphic Light Eruption by my dermatologist at Lincoln County.
I was prescribed steroids twice a day and had to take 4 antihistamines just to go outside in the sun. My consultant said that i had to completely cover up when i was outside and not expose myself to sunshine, it was terrible. I used to scratch my arms and legs until the bled and was left with terrible scars. My ex husband even slept in the spare room often as id keep him awake at night scratching my skin to pieces.

The urine therapy thing played on my mind a lot so at that stage nstead of going all out drinking it, I decided to use it on my skin as a moisturiser.

I used my urine on my skin 3 times a day and I was surprised how my skin just soaked it up and it wasn't long before I could feel and see the difference. It was amazing that my skin no longer reacted like it had done every single summer for 8 years!

From that moment on I have never taken another antihistamine or steroid for this condition as it no longer exists, thanks to my self healing urine. I now enjoy my summers on the beach and wear short sleeved tops and shorts regularly.

So I support the healing powers of our own body fluids as it most definitely helped me and that's a fact.

Sandra Murphy


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