Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge

Experience and Skills

Helping with Illness and Disease

No matter what so called "disease" you may be afflicted with, I can change your attitude to your health and apply simple but powerful therapies that allow your own body to completely heal itself with no outside interferance.

As an alternative to contacting me directly, I have also written a book that explains and shows how to apply these therapies and provides a much more self empowering perspective of your health, your life and your purpose.

This is a book that will improve your level of health and will serve as a guide to enhancing your life by providing a radically different view of health, nutrition and your very existence, and by placing the responsibility for all aspects of your life back in your hands, and under your complete control.

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual is available from and you can check out the sample chapters are available here.

Money and Debt

Whatever your financial situation may be, I can help change your view of money and debt by revealing the illusion behind them.

The Money Scam

Once armed with this knowledge, I can provide the tools with which to meet any debt or financial problems head on and ask the simple questions that expose them as the lies that they are.

Legal Problems

The legal system is a web of deceit populated by highly paid Liars (Lawyers) and mere referees pretending to be all powerful judges all working together to extract the maximum amout of revenue from you.   Unfortunately once you are in their web of lies then you have already lost but perhaps I can help limit the damage.

I can show you how the legal system has absolutely nothing to do with Law and help you lose your fear of their processes by asking simple and obvious questions.

Life Coaching

Sometimes life seems awfully hard and often leaves us wondering what the point is. The burdens placed upon us can sometimes be too much to bear.

I can help by changing your attitude toward your life, giving you a possible glimpse of your place in this universe and show you how to transform your life into the exciting adventure game that it really is.

Physical Assistance

I am registered on Helpex and Workaway, you may ask for my assistance through these sites or contact me directly.

I have skills in:
  • Holistic healing
  • Computer programming
  • Electronics
  • 12 volt systems
  • Alternative energy systems
  • Carpentry
  • Offgrid systems (compost toilets, water filtration etc.)
  • Indoor food growing systems
  • Aquaponic Systems
  • Geodesic dome design and build
  • Earthship build
  • General Building skills
  • Technical and CAD design
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Mechanical design
  • Construction in wood, foam, fibreglass, Polyuerethane, Sheet metal
Please let me know if I can help with any tasks or projects.

Contact Me

I'm here to help!

If you, or anybody else you know could use some assistance dealing with any health issue, or help in any capacity, whether listed above or otherwise (Hey, it can't hurt to ask ) then please contact me:

My time and my help is Free of charge but if feel you would like to donate to me then I am happy to accept as long as I have helped you in some way or you find value in what I do.