Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge


The Current Medical System

The current worldwide system of medicine, did not achieve its pre-eminent and universal status because it is more effective than any other form of healthcare, it is regarded as the only valid form of treatment for disease, illness and injury simply because it was manipulated into place vith enormous amounts of money, from Eugenicists whose stated goal is depopulation, especially of races which they consider inferior.

In 1910, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations commissioned Abraham Flexner to produce a detailed audit of all types of medicine and medical education available in the United States and Canada.  At that time, there were many types of medical treatment available, such as Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Herbalist, Homeopathic etc., however, the "Flexner Report", as it became known as, formed the basis of a plan to massively fund and promote one particular type of medicine, called "Allopathic Medicine".

Allopathic Medicine is the practice of only treating the symptoms of an injury, but not the cause.   This approach was excellent at providing trauma care after accidents for example, if someone had been struck by a bus, then the Allopathic practitioner would deal only with the symptoms of the accident, they would stop the bleeding, and deal with cuts, bruises and broken bones, the cause of the symptoms, in this case, the bus, is irrelevant and duly ignored.

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The Bodycentric Health Approach

As one who has spent years researching alternative health methodologies to deal with my own very poor state of health, I have come to advocate, what I have termed, a bodycentric approach to healing, rather than an approach centered upon disease, bacteria or symptoms.

The human body is more than capable of healing itself and maintaining the best possible state of heath within the environment and circumstances it finds itself in, however, a medical system, not fit for its stated purpose, constantly interferes with the body's healing and repair processes, not only obstructing these processes but actively suppressing them while intentionally causing new problems it calls 'side effects' as part of a marketing scheme to sell more pharmaceutical drugs and create customers for life (however short that life might subsequently turn out to be).

The Bodycentric approach is all about getting out of the body's way and letting it get on with the task that it was designed to do and assisting it to do what it is trying to do.

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