Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge

I resisted the urge to accept donations for quite some time, but I have to acknowledge that if I want to help people, I need to travel to them somehow, if I want to complete my projects so that everyone can benefit from the results, I'm going to need stuff to work with and while I have been wildly successful at receiving blessings when all hope seems to have fled, it's not an exact science and sometimes the Most High is far too busy moving stars around and being all mysterious and stuff to be bothered with whipping up a return ticket to Hull for me.

I would feel better about all this if you only donate if I have helped you in some way or you find some value in what I am doing, and if it is money, then only some modest amount that you can easily spare otherwise I do have a list of stuff here that I could really do with to get some of these projects moving, but again only if you happen to have any of these things lying around and you don't really need them.

But if you dont feel like giving anything, then that's cool too :)

For those who might think that I am in this for the money, I'd like to explain that I used to be a very successful computer programmer working on Wall Street, I had the big house in one of the most expensive counties in the United States, I had the Ferrari I had always dreamed about and all the toys, that I could ever wish for, to play with.

My awakening showed me that none of it really mattered and I was sacrificing my life for an illusion, and even the work that I was doing was harming and enslaving my brothers and sisters on this planet. So my life changed, I gave away everything I owned and vowed never again to work towards our own enslavement and drastically reduce my use of their monetary control system.

So now, I have no money, very few possessions and no desire to acquire any of either, but begrudgingly, I have to concede that, for the moment, in order to get things done in any reasonable timeframe I will need a little help, but you may rest assured that any donations I receive will be appreciated and respected, and will never be used frivolously or to cause harm, injury or loss to any sentient being, but in such a way that will be of benefit to all.

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Name: D M A Murphy
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Name: D M A Murphy
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If you would like to make a non monetary donation, I have a list of things Here required to complete various projects that I hope will benefit a great many people.

Contact Me to make a donation.

Project Information

Projects Your Donation Will Support

By Dave Starbuck 04 November 2011

Free Energy Research

Experiments conducted on a free energy device based on the "Simple Schoolgirl" Monopole Motor, designed by John Bedini.
This variation dispenses with the wheel and capitalises on a self resonating effect discovered when a mistake was made in the value of a replacement component

Geodesic Dome Home

A project to build a completely self sufficient home, based on an Earth Covered Geodesic Dome design.
The design features a free-energy power supply, waste and water management systems fully integrated with an indoor food cultivation system.

Book Projects

Several books and audio books are currently underway and several more are planned.  The subject matter will vary but will include Self Help, Health books, Design, Novels and Short stories.

Speaking Engagements

I give a whole range of talks and workshops to groups, meetings and festivals all over the country, and while the topics I speak about are diverse and wide ranging such as Consciousness, Free Energy and Human Potential, I ensure that all are solution based and ultimately empowering and inspirational.