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Black Man: Do You Know Who You Are?

This 24 page booklet is a brief summary of three years research into the topic of Human History as it relates to the Bible, and is primarily intended as a free handout for so-called "African American" and "Afro-Caribbean" people.

As a former atheist of 40 years, the first startling revelation was that the bible was an accurate book of history. Noah's Ark was found in Turkey, a petrified wooden boat matching the dimensions specified in the Bible, nestled in the foothils of Mount Arrarat, precisely where Genesis told it would be, seventy five miles away from the nearest body of water, in a place called "The Valley of the Eight", that is the eight people who survived on the Ark.   An American archeological team was dispatched to the site in 1960 and immediately discredited it, but an amateur archeologist named Ron Wyatt returned to the site 20 years later and conclusively proved it's authenticity.

Mr Wyatt went on to discover and authenticate the site of the Red Sea Crossing, the true Mount Sinai, as well as the cities of Sodom and Gommorrah.
The implications of these finds are earth shattering, not only was the Bible a record of historical events but the divine intevention of the supreme being, the Most High 'I Am' of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is undeniable.

As I read the Bible for the first time, I was again surprised to find that it was actually a simple, coherent story, remarkably easy to understand, without need of interpretation by a priest or religious doctrine.   And just as it is written in Isaiah Chapter 46, verse 10, The end of the story can be read in the pages of Genesis, leaving no room for a fraudulent "New Testament".

It is the simple story of a particular bloodline from beginning to end, but the biggest shock of all was discovering who that bloodline is today, who or what the enemy is and the extraordinary lengths that enemy has gone to in order to oppress and subdue this people and erase them from history.

Black Man: Do You Know Who You Are? by Allegedly K. A. Dave (Paperback) is available from LULU.COM and is also available as an e-book.

Black Man: Do You Know Who You Are?

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The Flat Earth

The Flat Earth forms a surprisingly important part of these end-time revelations. It is a topic that has lain dormant for hundreds of years, there was a brief resurgence in the 1800's with some rather vocal and outspoken advocates such as Samuel Rowbotham, Thomas Winship, Lady Elizabeth Blount and Wilbur Voliva, but interest waned and vanished during the twentieth century particularly as the era of spaceflight painted such ideas as the anachronistic babblings of technologically inept and primitive peoples.

But in the summer of 2014, something began to stir in dark, quiet corners of the internet, hundreds and then thousands of people, too afraid to speak openly, shared a guilty secret until, all at once, videos from Mark Sargent, Eric Dubay and Matt Boyland broke the dreadful silence and the floodgates were opened. The number of videos about the Flat Earth rose from a few hundreds to six million in one year, but this is not a psy-op or a fad, but a terrible truth, that the Earth is Flat and, more importantly, we have all been deceived into ignoring our senses and common sense to accept the preposterous idea that we are glued to the surface of a ball by a mysterious and contradictory force, hurtling through infinite space at compound speeds of millions of miles an hour.

When you realise that the spinning, orbiting sphere earth was made up by the same Jesuits and Freemasons that brought you Evolution and the Big Bang Theories, you inevitably come to the conclusion that the purpose of their scientific construct is to hide the Creator from you and to prepare the way for the coming of an alien threat or saviour, neither of which can be taken seriously in light of the knowledge of the Flat Earth.

Who Black People Really Are

We are told over and over that we are the descendants of ignorant African savages who trace their lineage to the cursed seed of Ham, the son of Noah. According to the teachings of our enemies we are an intellectually deficient race, incapable of civilisation or indeed civilised behaviour. This perspective could not be further from the truth.

Of the three sons of Noah, Japheth's sons were given the colder regions of the then known Earth inhabiting Asia and northern Europe, Ham's children are described as the darker races inhabiting the hottest regions, the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and the Canaanites but as it states in the Zondervan Bible Dictionary, NOT the Negros.

We are of the bloodline of Shem, more specifically the Hebrew Israelites of the Bible (or the Book of Remembrance) our true identity has been hidden and usurped by other nations, and rather than being incapable of civilisation, we were in fact the source of it. We are of the clever, industrious and talented nation of people which not only built amazingly advanced stone and brick cities in the Sub-Saharan wilderness, but we constantly enslaved so that we could build the civilisations of other nations.

Where Black People Are From

Our ancestors were the children of the biblical Jacob, who the Most High renamed Israel and so were given the land that was called Palestine, which despite my protestations actually turns out to be North East Africa from a tectonic standpoint, however, they were not Africans, nor did they originate in the African mainland.

During the Exodus a group of Judites and Danites left their brethren and moved across Europe and across the Mediterranian, they became the Trojans, the original Greeks, Italians, Spanish, French, Irish and Scottish. In 70 AD, the later Romans attacked Jerusalem and about one million Judeans escaped into the wilderness of West Africa.

The so-called Trans-Atlantic slave trade saw the Black Hebrew Israelites transported by ship from West Africa, Europe and Britain, and scattered throughout the world, just as the Book of Remembrance prophesied.

True Black History

Contrary to the popular belief that Negro history started in the 1600's with slavery, it transpires that our history is, in fact, the most well known and well loved story of them all.

Prior to the slave trade, our ancestors establish hundreds of advanced medievel cities, some of them five times the size of London with wide, paved streets, two storey stone buildings with indoor plumbing and toilets as well as a sewerage system at a time when Europeans were living in huts and defecating out of windows into the street.

European history has largely about the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous negro population after the period that has come to be known as the 'Dark Ages', not because it was a time of barbarism or intellectual vacuum but it was an era of one thousand years of Black rule in Europe.

The Enemy

Imagine if you will, the arrival of an invasive species like the xenomorphic creature in the film Alien, cunning, vicious and deadly, and just like the Alien, this species propagates by impregnating humans who will spawn the next generation of less alien looking offspring.
Fast forward three thousand years, these aliens have mixed in with humanity to such an extent that they now look more human than alien and most of humanity have been corrupted by their DNA to one extent or another.

They have also employed witchcraft in the form of technology to redefine humanity as consisting of several different races and convinced everyone, even their mixed offspring that they are just as human as everyone else and just one of many races of man.

An alien elite class, who strive to keep their bloodline as pure as possible, have infiltrated the positions of power and have re-written history so that it appears that they have always been here and always ruled over man.

This is exactly what has occurred on Earth, the aliens are interdimensional not extra-terrestrial, and while we have been brainwashed to accept them as human, the pure-bloods are just as vicious and cunning as the original xenomorph and they continue to prey upon the children of an ignorant and dumbed down population behind closed doors.

Why This is Important

History is always written by the winner of a conflict and despite all appearances we are still in a conflict, and we are prisoners of war in the land of our captivity, but it's not simply due to any worldly reasons such as conquest or border disputes, but its because our forefathers disobeyed their creator and broke the covenant that they entered into, and as such we are still currently enduring this captivity, enslaved and afflicted by a fierce and cruel people that the Most High brought against us, just as prophesied.

Our affliction has been a harsh one, but now that we are coming into remembrance of our true identity, heritage and destiny, there are things that we need to do in order to be on the right side of judgement.

Take Action

The Book of Remembrance is written as though it was dictated from someone who is beyond time and space, from the Creator's perspective everything has already happened, so it's not a question of if something will occur, but when.

We are fast approaching the end of our captivity, and the book provides us with very specific instructions and guidance as to what we need to be doing at the end.    The path will, at times, be difficult, and there are millions of Christians who will scoff at you and your path as a Hebrew Israelite, but the Book of Remembrance tells that only a remnant shall make it past judgement, not the millions who are faithfully worshipping Jesus or any of his aliases, and expecting him to save them from something or other.


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