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About Me

In The Matrix

Hi, I'm Dave. I'm pretty much an ordinary bloke but I've had a lot of extraordinary things happen to me.

I grew up in Basildon, Essex and started my working life as an animator and a graphic artist but soon transitioned into Computer Programming.
After a few years I was headhunted by a New York consultancy company and before long I was working for the most prestigious (read "evil") and successful (read "Greedy,dishonest and manipulative") fortune 500 companies in the city.

I joined the local volunteer Fire Department and also started my own business that I ran in my spare time and it didn't take long before I was earning serious amounts of money.

Firefighter Murphy - Rescue Truck 640

We bought a large house and soon remodeled it, doubling its size, my wife and I bought the cars we had always dreamed of, and I had a man-cave full of the latest gadgets and toys.

Meaningless trinkets deep within the matrix.

I was deeply ensconced in the Matrix and I truly believed that the world worked the way I was shown it worked on television and that life, as it was presented to me, was way it was supposed to be.

The Red Pill

After a layoff, I turned down a job offer on the 40th Floor, Tower One of the World Trade Center and took a job almost directly across the Hudson River in Hoboken NJ and watched in disbelief the events of 9/11 at very close range.

9/11 Memorial write up in my local paper back home.
The attack on the World Trade Center was the beginning of my amazing journey, but it didn't fully manifest until 2005 when I suddenly saw through the deception behind 9/11 and had my mid-life crisis at the same time.

Simon on the Sofa Interview

After returning to England in 2009 I attempted to re-enter the Matrix, but as Morpheus said "Once you've taken the red pill, there's no turning back".

I started a group that garnered over 600 people called "The Freeman League" with the goal of building a self sufficient eco-village, We got to the stage where we had the designs and were just about to buy the land when we experienced a negative backlash from some the local people.

Making the front page in the Grantham local newspaper.

We attempted to make a lawful land claim and were blocked by local authorities and eventually I focused my efforts on actually building and testing the systems we had designed.

Building a Geodesic Dome growing/aquaponic area.
Raised bed square foot indoor garden prototype.

One characteristic of the awakening process is that one discovers that in every aspect of life we have given away our responsibility for it to those who are profiting from it and using it against us in some fashion. The phrase that I often hear from the unwoken is "C'mon Dave not everything is a conspiracy", well as it happens, pretty much everything is a conspiracy, so I began researching into money, banking, debt, the law, the corporations, government, history and alternative health.

My Spiritual Journey

Life on the Road

In 2012 I started an experiment to see if I could wean myself off the matrix by working for a period of 3 months and then seeing if I could make that money stretch for 6 months I helped found Awake Radio ( where I hosted the "Allegedly Speaking" and "Voice of the Resistance" radio shows. Awake Radio has since grown to encompass three continents, with an international array of hosts and journalists, spawned an Internet TV station and has garnered a substantial following of dedicated listeners.

Not long after starting Awake Radio, I got the idea to buy a Motorhome for some inexplicable reason but I soon found myself feeling the urge to leave the house I was renting, which I duly ignored until the universe took a hand and set me on a path to try and find a different way to live.

A Better Way

The six months after which I'd planned to go back into the matrix to make some more money has stretched to beyond four years, and I now travel around helping people free of charge. I eat very little food, have few material needs, but nonetheless I do accept donations to help me continue to travel and help others.

Contact Me

I'm here to help!

If you, or anybody else you know could use some assistance or help dealing with any health issue, whether it is Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Altzheimers, Asthma, Eczema, Psoriasis, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Overweight or any of the myriad diseases and maladies that the medical profession fails (or, more accurately, downright refuses) to address then please contact me:

My time and my help is Free of charge but if feel you would like to donate to me then I am happy to accept as long as I have helped you in some way or you find value in what I do.