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Shameless Advertising: Buy my Book!

By Dave Murphy Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017

A merry 4th Quarter sales and marketing opportunity and a prosperous new fiscal year to you all!

With the season of pagan/satannic rituals, masquarading as a Christian holy day, fast approaching, the temptation will be to spend one's hard earned credit notes on the latest electronic time wasting, de-humanising device to bathe your loved ones in the warm glow of its ionising microwave radiation while they focus their whole attention on it to the exclusion of everyone and everything else going on around them.
You already know it is specifically designed to stop working the day after the warranty expires and be rendered obsolete long before that anyway when the new version comes out with all the features that should have been in the old...

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I must admit to getting a tad ticked off at the increasing levels of absurdity that NASA and its fanboys expect us to swallow whole without question like a Double McBabyBurger in a foam rubber bun with a slice of congealed cow pus, limp lettuce and...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Manufacture of Consent

One of the fundamental rules of this universe appears to be whatever you put out into the world comes back to you multiplied, so if you intend to do some evil to another it will go extremely badly for you in the long run when that very evil rebounds...

The Biggest Lie of All

Life is very much like ‘The Truman Show’, in many more ways than one it seems.   In the 1998 film, Truman, was aware of all sorts of things that did not actually exist in within his enclosed subset of the wider world.